ArchiveX has driven ships through hurricanes · done seven years for bad choices · discovered that pursuing music is fraught with emotional peril · gotten lost in the wilderness · lived around the corner from Walter White · lain awake at night wondering how the heck other people ever get to sleep · written “the first draft of history” for magazines on subjects that probably won’t receive a 2nd draft · written music for obscure films & cable channels · been entrusted with someone else’s life · worshipped Mahalia Jackson · chipped away at something for years before discovering that the chipping itself is the reward · fronted a gospel choir · finally learned how to face the music · made a record. or two.


These are those records, by the way. The rest of the stuff is in the Archive.

Management: Lower Expectations - Marketing: Phil Loraine
Sync: Kobalt Music
US College Radio: Adam Lewis/Planetary
Publishing: Inconvenient Thoughts and Music