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“ArchiveX’s blend of pop, rock, gospel and ambient: unearthly…stomping…impossibly gorgeous…pure vocal conjuring” — HITS Magazine

"As the cult of personality dominates pop culture, anonymous musician ArchiveX prefers to let his (or her?) music do the talking.” - BigShot Magazine

“The track largely maintains its hip hop meets golden age gospel feel but Igloo finesses the production, giving it a slow clap alt-R&B beat and hints of chillstep. If you have dug any of those Flume remixes, this is a must listen.” - Surviving the Golden Age

“Still keeping its authentic Hip Hop undertones and heavy traces of golden age Gospel, Igloo's re-working of Archive X's previously released track 'Pilgrim' adds chilled undertone claps, making the overall single take on a more RnB shape.” - Apparently Magazine

“Dark blend of dance, blues and gospel that all together makes for an intense and gritty sound.” - Alfitude

"This reminds me of a Play-era Moby track that’s jacked up on caffeine.” - Azltron Blog

“Be warned: This track is basically what would happen if gospel Elvis decided to mess around with hip-hop. Hallelujah, Mama.” - Vinyl Mag

“The best anonymous artists don’t just wear masks. They leave you wanting to rip it from their faces...The track is a sprawling cinematic number that blends electronic, soul and even gospel sounds with the crooner’s earth-shaking voice.” - All Things Go