ArchiveX Video "Hard Times" PremiereS in the UK.

A big thanks to Headliner Magazine for their UK video premiere of the ArchiveX single Hard Times: "Soulful, ambient and roots...with a twist; hard-hitting vocals and production honed to a sharp metaphorical point." - Headliner Magazine

Check it out

More recent press from the UK:

"Dazzling timeless and intense music..." - Fame Magazine

"Hard Times is a song that rips into your soul. A MUST watch video..." - Music Injection

"ArchiveX’s 'Soul-Ambient-Electro-Roots': It’s a subtle, genre- and quite simply age-defying music." - Anthem Review

"ArchiveX doesn’t let you get away with the sweetness and roses stuff here, nor does he become preachy. He delivers a vocal “story” befitting the subject of the lyrics." -BluesMusicFan.com

"This California-based artist is a tough cookie to crack: is he a gospel angel? Is he hip-hop? Is that a bit of Motown thrown in there? No one knows. But we want more." -Lock in Music