U.K. Press continued...

Some more nice bits of press from the U.K. (more to come, others in previous posts below):

First, very flattered by the kind words about the ArchiveX debut album "Some Ungodly Hour" from Anthem Review. "'Some Ungodly Hour' is a literal masterpiece... It’s music that grows with the listener, never outpacing or outstripping the moment, and never abruptly dropping the sense of wonder that it brings. Music that is worth waiting for, and definitely worth replaying, it’s a slow-burning triumph." Thanks much for the kind words! You can read the rest of the review at Anthem Review

"Every track has it's own style and grace." Another nice review from Music Injection

"ArchiveX: It's just sort of a gift from the aliens...the 'X' factor": Check out an interview with ArchiveX here in Fame Magazine

And a little more behind-the-scenes ArchiveX Q&A action with The Big Issue North